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Maria Puntí

University education

Advertisement, Public Relations and Marketing (ESERP)

Jury in the university tribunal in the Final Degree Projects (ESERP)

Vocational training

Higher technician in dietetics (ILERNA)


Online Master Double Degree Precision Health + Nutrition, Medicine and Orthomolecular Practice (SESAP)

Master in Human Microbiota (TECH)


Bodybuilding and personal training technician (ORTHOS)

Sports Nutrition (Orthos)

Gastrointestinal Health: Dysbiosis, Hyperpermeability and its correction (Gabriel de Carvalho)

Pathologies Associated with Sports (Dr. Antonio Hernández)

Teletest Laboratories Update (2020)

Anti-inflammatory Nutrition (Nutriscience)

Intestinal homeostasis and therapeutic modulation of the microbiota (Nutribiotica – Dr. Sari Arponen and Dr. María Luisa García)

Specialized Nutrition for Women (ICSN)

Female Fertility 2020 – (Osana)

Introduction to the immune system, intestinal barrier and microbiota (Osana) 202

Detoxification in the PNI. Modern Solutions for Paleolithic bodies (Osana) 2020