Pack of 3 tracks - Alexandra


If you have already made your first initial pack, you can hire follow-up whenever you want. The tracking pack includes:

✓ Valid for 1 month of advice (30 days)

✓ Includes 1 online follow-up consultation per month

✓ Includes a nutritional plan and individualized supplementation

✓ 1 email per week for 30 days


The follow-up consultation will last up to 60 minutes. The duration of the consultation will be adjusted to the individual needs of each patient (40-60 minutes).

The weekly email will be sent by the patient in case they need additional support (doubts, changes, last minute problems...) during the duration of the consultation. If more than one weekly email is sent, it will be responded to in the following week's email.

Emails sent to the therapist will be responded to during business hours within 24 to 48 business hours (Monday to Friday).

A nutritional plan with meal ideas will be provided to facilitate adaptation to treatment, but the nutrition service does not include a weekly menu development service.

The advice extends to 30 days from the day of the consultation. During this time, the resolution of doubts via email is included at a rate of one per week. If you wish to make a follow-up visit and have contact via email once the 30 days have ended, the patient must pay for another Follow-up package.


The consultation will be paid one week before the visit.

The cancellation or postponement of an appointment already booked must be made at least 48 hours before the session, in order to be able to reorganize the agenda with a sufficient margin of time without causing damage to the time of the therapist or the rest of the patients, for example. Therefore, appointments that are not canceled within that time frame due to force majeure and their corresponding justification will involve the cost of one hour of session.

We recommend reading the Contract Conditions and Cancellation Policy carefully before making the purchase.

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