Graduate in medicine and surgery from UCLM 2009-2014

Specialty via MIR in Family and community medicine 2015-2019

Master in Emergency Medicine CEU University Madrid 2018

Master in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine AMIR 2019

International master in clinical nutrition and dietetics 2020 UDIME. Esneca Group.

Postgraduate in Microbiota. Regenera Group.

SIBO course: update and treatment. Isomed Pharma.

SIBO course the starting point and SIBO treatment. Lucia Redondo. 2022.

Functional diagnosis and blood tests from the PNI. Osana Health Academy. 2022.

Course Estrogen management and inflammatory context from the PNIc. Osana Health Academy 2022.

Immune System and Microbiota Course. Approach from the PNIc. 2023. Osana Health Academy.

SIBO update course. Regenera Academy 2023.

Analytical interpretation course. Scientific nutrition Barcelona. Dani Ciscar. 2023.

Currently studying Nutrition Expert in inflammation and autoimmunity. CEANgroup.

Currently studying Expert in nutrition and thyroid. CEANgroup.