Initial Pack Integrative Consulting + 4-week Training Plan


The price of the following 4-week follow-ups with 1 visit with the nutritionist and 1 visit with the trainer will be 150 (instead of €170, a 12% discount applies ) .

If you want a 12-week follow-up package with the nutritionist and a trainer, the price is 430 (instead of 507 , a 15% discount applies).

This is the first step towards empowering your health. Shall we start?

In this advice we will help you achieve your maximum well-being from an integrative and holistic approach to health.

We believe that by modifying our lifestyle, better managing our emotions, considering the correct state of the intestinal microbiota and performing physical exercise, we can prevent and reverse a multitude of pathologies that are highly prevalent today.

We do not believe in the division between therapies considered alternative and traditional medicine, we believe that the future of the approach to health lies in the teamwork of both areas. That is why we have an interdisciplinary team made up of Nutritionists-Dietitians, Dieticians, Naturopaths, PNIs, Psychologists, Personal Trainers, Endocrine Doctors and Psychiatrists working together to offer the best advice.


What does this pack include?


1 initial online consultation (60') with a therapist from the MPUNTI team + 1 30' visit to explain the delivery of the plan

✓ Request for analytical tests (if necessary)

✓ Includes a personalized therapeutic plan, a nutritional and supplementation plan

✓ Includes 1 email per week with the therapist to resolve doubts and emergencies during the 30 consecutive days from the delivery of the plan


✓ Valid for 4 weeks 

✓ Includes 60' online visit

✓ Includes individualized training assessment and planning *

✓ 1 email per week for 30 days


Once you make the payment, you will be sent a specific questionnaire where you can attach your data and evidence. You will then be assigned the most suitable therapist and the first appointment will be scheduled at a time that best suits you.

During the consultation you will be able to fully explain the reason for your consultation to your therapist, your clinical history, your concerns and doubts. Once the consultation has been completed, the therapist will study your case in detail and schedule the nutritional plan, supplementation if necessary, and corresponding tests to be done if the patient's situation requires it.

You can let us know which therapist you want by writing to


THE FOLLOW-UPS HAVE A COST OF 150 EUROS (instead of 170)

Emails sent to the therapist will be responded to during business hours within 24 to 48 business hours (Monday to Friday).

A nutritional plan will be provided with ideas to facilitate adaptation to treatment, but it does not include a weekly menu planning service.

The advice extends to 30 days from the day of the consultation. During this time, the resolution of doubts via email is included at a rate of one per week. If you wish to make a follow-up visit and have contact via email once the 30 days have ended, the patient must pay for another Follow-up package.

We recommend reading carefully before making the purchase. Contract Conditions and Cancellation Policy.

For questions and concerns contact